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Lincoln Hall Project

Why I Gave

Giving thanks to parents and professors, honoring family and friends, supporting future students—these touching testimonials are from people who wanted to share why they gave to the Lincoln Hall Fund for Scholarships.

“In honor of my brother who passed away in December 2011. He was a special person, an Illini, chosen for the bronze tablet and someone who spent his life helping others. He was greatly loved and is greatly missed.”

—Sandra Blanco, AB ’72, teaching of social studies; EdM ’73, education

“Lincoln Hall was a very special and lovely place for me while I was in school. I loved how old and beautiful it was, even in its state of disrepair. I will always have the image of Lincoln’s bust and that nose rubbed so many times it became shiny. I was so happy while I attended U of I that I appreciate the opportunity to help with important projects like this one.”

—Erin Kross, AB ’07, English

“I would not be where I am without the love and support of the U of I family! The education and life lessons that I received in the four years there continue to make me a better person.”

—Abhay Atul Laddu, BS ’99, molecular and integrative physiology

“It was Professor Yankwich’s intervention that allowed me to continue the education at Illinois. I am forever grateful to him for his standing up for me. I do not have a lot of money and cannot donate much. But I owe this to him and U of I.”

—John Hsu, MS ’68, PhD ’70, chemistry

“My mother passed away last year and I want to honor her with a tangible gift that would have been meaningful to her. She knew how much I loved my time at the University of Illinois and she was a great reader and loved history. She would have loved to see Lincoln Hall and would be thrilled to know of its renovation.”

—Holly A. Rosencranz, BS ’78, microbiology

“Just became aware of this program in reading the Illinois Alumni. I like the idea of the money going for scholarships.”

—Joseph Helfand, BS ’66, DVM ’68, veterinary medicine

“I remember studying for finals in Lincoln Hall. It is good to see it is being restored.”

—Julie A. Marsch, BS ’82, finance

“To honor my father who provided the wonderful gift of an Illinois education.”

—Marc V. Romito, AB ’88, economics

“My husband loved the U of I, Lincoln Hall, and he was very proud of his education. He worked his way through school, including night shifts at US Steel. He was the most wonderful man in the world. He died on June 18, 2011.”

—Paula Clayton Lenczycki, AB ’69, teaching of German; JD ’72, law

“I am a believer in the value of affordable public higher education. I work at the University of Illinois and believe that everybody benefits when the student body is stronger and more diverse. The cost of education is now an increasingly significant impediment to ideals of public education and an open society, and scholarship support is the only obvious way to combat that directly.”

—Curtis Perry, professor and head of the Department of English

“Our father, Robert Crawford, was a professor and administrator at the University of Illinois beginning in the 1960s and ending with his death in 1987. His office was located in Lincoln Hall. We are honoring his memory.”

—Ellen Daly, AB ’80, political science; AM ’83, public administration

“To honor a fine scholar and an old and dear friend.”

—Roslyn Snow, AB ’58, general curriculum; AM ’59, English

Ways to Give

You can support scholarships while having your name—or the name of someone you wish to honor—memorialized in Lincoln Hall. Learn more about courtyard pavers, benches, and tables, theater chairs, and classroom spaces. All proceeds go towards student scholarships.