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Lincoln Hall Project

Time Capsule

Your Ideas

Here are the submissions for what to include in the Lincoln Hall time capsule.

Professor’s Documentary

“How about Professor Jay Rosenstein’s award-winning documentary, The Lord Is Not on Trial Here Today? It is about an alumna’s historic court battle to the U.S. Supreme Court, resulting in a landmark 8-1 decision.”

—James T. McCollum, BS ’56, geology; JD ’62, law (5/22/12)

Apple Product, Article on Facebook

“I believe an Apple product should be placed in the time capsule. Apple is a great symbol because nothing truly captures our generation as much as the innovation in technology. Who knows what lies in our future. Maybe someday, Apple will take over the world and this item will become highly collectible. I believe a newspaper article of the current event that Facebook’s IPO selling publicly and on trading on Nasdaq should be placed in the time capsule. Mark Zuckerberg is a self-made billionaire and still only 28. He has vision and this company will continue to grow. Facebook is soon to have over 100 million users who login at least once a month but is still rapidly growing. Mark Zuckerberg has already said he expects Facebook to reach one billion users. Plus, it’s cheap! It’s a computer click away.”

—Daniel Lindberg, class of 2015, psychology (5/14/12)

Time Capsule Photos on a Flash Drive

“I think it would be cool if someone took pictures of the capsule and everything inside. Then, take the digital files, and put them onto a flash drive (USB) so that when you open them, people can look at the pictures (and wonder what the flash drive even is!). If not, maybe put an old-fashioned floppy disk in?”

—Richard Bellows, BS ’11, advertising (5/14/12)

1940s Lifestyle

“Picture of the Shakespearian Globe Theater replica on the Lincoln Hall stage under Chuck Shattuck circa late 1940s. Front page of the Daily Illini under editor Gene Shalit circa late ’40s. Red Grange—the Galloping Ghost. Picture of Carnival booths and/or parade circa late ’40s. Images of Homecoming design structures in front of residence houses circa late ’40s. Have to show the way we lived then and had fun during the best years of my life!”

—Phyllis (Pat) Dicker Wolpow, AB ’51, psychology (5/12/12)

Menu, Photos

“A menu from one or two of the drinking establishments in the town—I do remember TGIFs at Bidwell’s. Maybe they still exist? A photo of the magnificent Math Library in Altgeld. I was a student worker there. The lovely lake nearby.... One or two of the sorority/fraternity houses.... Lincoln Avenue Residence.”

—Dianne Jones Armstrong, AB ’57, English (5/12/12)

iPad, Gas Price, Transcript

“An iPad, a sign signifying the current cost of gasoline, and a current transcript form.”

—Marcy Canel, AB ’73, Teaching of English (5/11/12)

Maps, Menus, Soil

“A useable Illini Inn Mug Club card. A map of campus, Champaign, and Urbana. A picture of Block I from the football games. A menu from Papa Del’s, Zorba’s, and Murphy’s. A soil sample from the Morrow Plots.”

—Steve Bauer, BS ’96, agriculture; MS ’98, crop science (5/9/12)

USB Drive, Student Notebook, Bottle of Wine

“A sock full of pennies dated 2012. iPod (or USB) with songs, pictures, and movies submitted from U of I students. Newspaper dated the day the time capsule is closed. An Alma Mater i-card. Random notebook from student filled with class notes. A bottle of wine.”

—Patrick Melville, class of 2012, molecular and cellular biology (5/9/12)


“Predictions for the future from distinguished campus faculty. How do our brightest minds envision the world of tomorrow?”

—Hassen Taha Al-Shawaf, BS ’05, MAS ’06, JD ’12, accounting and law (5/9/12)

Mayan Calendar

“Mayan Calendar. Remind people of the year that the world was ‘supposed to end.’ Or if it does end, then maybe people will find it millions of years from now...woah.”

—Ryan Liss, class of 2014, communications (5/9/12)

Flash Drive with Games

“A flash drive with the popular computer games we play today such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Starcraft 2.”

—Eugene Itskovich, class of 2015, actuarial science (5/8/12)

Video Greetings

“A secure digital card—that can store data for 100 years—containing a video essay entitled ‘To thy happy children of the future those of the past send greetings.’ The video would be just what the title implies—greetings from current U of I students to future Illini. Students would share their hopes and wishes for the University and its students in 2112. The greetings would be intertwined with very brief clips that depict U of I daily life—sporting events, lectures, the residence halls, Quad Day, etc. If space allowed, the secure digital card could also contain two other brief video essays depicting current technology that is the result of Illini ingenuity and a day in the life of 2012 U of I students (this is where they sleep, this is what they eat, wear, study, and so on).”

—Carlos Rosa, AB ’11, political science (5/8/12)


“iPhone! The phone that began the touchscreen revolution.”

—Arun Mallya, class of 2014, computer science (5/8/12)

Chief Memorabilia, Technology

“Chief memorabilia! And the newest technology.”

—Chris Crowell, class of 2015, mechanical engineering (5/8/12)

Official Paperwork, Corn

“A copy of admission letter, blog print of how we felt upon admission and graduation, a copy of transcript, and the dried version of our best genetically modified corn we have today!”

—Stevia Angesty, BS ’10, chemistry (5/8/12)

Chief, Quad, I-Book

“1) A Chief Illiniwek pin. 2) Pictures of the main Quad. 3) An old U of I I-Book (Do they still make those?).”

—Abhay A. Laddu, BS ’99, molecular and integrative physiology (5/8/12)

College Council Photos

“A picture of the current Engineering Council, Business Council, etc., should be included. It will show the leadership at the University of Illinois as well as fashion from our time period. I think it also represents the future leaders that the University of Illinois creates, the innovation it creates, and the sense of community it creates.”

—Troy Meehan, class of 2015, chemical engineering (5/8/12)

Future Predictions

“Looking at the current trend of growth, an idea of how we think the future is going to be like. A video documentary/montage.”

—Anant Agarwal, class of 2015, electrical engineering (5/8/12)

Food-Related Items

“An Espresso Royale cup, a dining hall menu, wrist bands/mugs from campus bars, and a can of Keystone Light.”

—Adam Barnas, BS ’11, molecular and cellular biology, psychology (5/2/12)

Archive of Facebook Pages

“Archive of Facebook pages for Lincoln Hall, University of Illinois, LAS, and others of interest; a smart phone. The way we communicate and interact is changing quickly, so it would be very interesting for those in the future to see our most popular ways of communicating in 2012.”

—Melissa, BS ’99, psychology; AB ’00, linguistics; MS ’07, library and information science (4/14/12)

Smart Phone

“A smart phone.”

—Lynn Schmitz, parent of a future alum (4/13/12)

Script of Last Theater Play

“A script from the last Shakespearian play done in Lincoln Hall before University Theater moved to Krannert or a set of scripts from the last season of University Theater plays done in Lincoln Hall before the move to Krannert. If memory serves, the last Shakespeare done was Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by John Burrell, who was also the first CEO of the Krannert Center.”

—Shirley Griffin Ford, AB ’68, speech communication; AM ’70, teaching of speech (4/12/12)

Copper Printing Plate

“Enclose a curved copper printing plate etched with a newspaper front page. We had plenty of them in Glen Hanson’s wonderful typography lab. It will illustrate the demise of the printed newspaper as major source of information sharing. This object symbolizes the amazing disruption experienced in publishing, the rising influence of citizen journalists and the advent of on-demand, self-published books.”

—Lynn Ballard Stoppelman, AB ’68, teaching of English (4/12/12)


“An iPod, iPad, and all similar small electronics.”

—Eliz Tylor, AB ’46, Spanish (4/12/12)

Lincoln Hall Photos, Found Items

“Submit pictures from the past and current of Lincoln Hall, classes, staff that worked in Lincoln Hall, teachers, etc. Place some of the things found in Lincoln Hall during the construction such as the purse and ticket to an event held in the theater so many years ago.”

—Tammy Warf, office administrator, atmospheric sciences (4/5/12)


“A brick from one of the six-pack buildings being torn down with the name of all the six-pack dorms since it seems in the coming years they will soon all be obsolete. Could include a booklet with people’s favorite memories from their dorm days.”

—Jessica, class of 2013, advertising (3/15/12)


“An i-card would be fun, to see how it changes over the years.”

—Michelle Varghese, class of 2012, civil and environmental engineering (3/13/12)

Digital Camera

“I think a good idea would be a digital camera because those change pretty frequently and it would be neat to see how technology has improved over time.”

—Kim Peterson, class of 2014, psychology (3/13/12)

A Time Capsule in a Time Capsule

“A time capsule in a time capsule, so like Time Capsule-ception.”

—Terry Katzenbaer, class of 2015, electrical and computer engineering

MacBook Air

“I’d say like a MacBook Air just because it’s the coolest looking laptop I’ve ever seen. And I’m sure in 100 years, the laptops are going to be—if they’re even around or whatever they have—it’s going to be a lot cooler. So the coolest we have now compared to the coolest they have then is going to be way different.”

—Chris Reed, general studies student (3/13/12)

Unofficial T-Shirt

“An Unofficial shirt because I think pretty much everybody here celebrates Unofficial.”

—Nicole Nelson, class of 2015, molecular and cellular biology (3/13/12)

U of I Photos

“Pictures of U of I. For example, I’ve seen pictures from 50 years ago, and the Quad and everything was so different, and that’s cool to see how U of I has changed.”

—Jonathan Fajordo, class of 2014, electrical engineering (3/13/12)


“I think we should try to capture the Quad—probably put a Frisbee in there because there’s always ultimate Frisbee going on. A T-shirt from now to see how our design has changed over the years.”

—Moses Rasberry, community health student (3/13/12)

Tuition Bill, Test Scores, Research, Awards

“I really think that the tuition bill should go in there because it’s incredible to see how much the bill has increased over the years, just to show the difference. I think test scores, to see how the school has improved—because we are one of the top schools in the country—just to show how smart the campus is and how much smarter we’re getting. Maybe any research that’s been done here too because we have a lot of professors who are accumulating a lot of really good data on so many different things. Maybe awards that the school receives for accomplishments from the professors and the students as well. Just something to really show how well-versed this campus is and how smart the student body is and how lucky we are to have incredible professors and people who want to foster that.”

—Andrea Baumgartner, class of 2014, journalism (3/13/12)

Chief, Unofficial Items

“Something to represent the Chief—any of the old artifacts relevant to him. And people seem to know this school for Unofficial (people who don’t go here)—something related to that.”

—Martin Rosenberg, class of 2013, linguistics (3/13/12)

Tuition Bill, i>clicker

“I think a tuition bill would probably be a really good idea to include in there. An i>clicker would be great. It’s like a multiple-choice remote control that connects to a computer so that you can answer multiple-choice questions in class.”

—Anna Ros, class of 2012, psychology and Spanish (3/13/12)

Empty Wallet

“I propose we leave a symbol of poverty, to signify what America is going through now. Perhaps some pictures of the degradation of the Champaign infrastructure. Or perhaps this picture of an empty wallet.

—Felix Markman, class of 2014, materials science and engineering (3/1/12)

Photo of Relocated Lecture Classes

“A photo of Smith Recital Hall (aka Smith Lecture Hall) full of students listening to a large lecture. While Lincoln Hall is under renovation, many classes are moved to Smith Recital Hall.”

—Stephen Burian, DMA, music (3/1/12)

Photo of Lincoln Hall Window

“A picture of the upstairs Lincoln Hall window that always had to be propped open by a chair when the rooms were too hot at the end of the spring semester.”

—Emma Swift, AB ’07, international studies and Spanish; EDM ’10, educational organization and leadership (2/29/12)

Convocation Shirt

“A convocation shirt! Everyone remembers their first convocation shirt! A squirrel. Just let him live in there! The Ike reusable bag. Our school is going green. (The Business Instructional Facility is a perfect example of that but the Ike reusable bag will better fit in Lincoln Hall.)”

—Kelly Atkinson, class of 2015, chemistry (2/28/12)

Recording of Altgeld Bells, Tightrope, and More

“A TCF Bank hoodie! Football ticket stubs! A freshman orientation T-shirt! A squirrel! A U of I frisbee! A photo of the Quad! A recording of the Altgeld Bells, playing our theme song! A piece of corn from the Morrow Plots! My resume to represent the College of Business? A Chipotle burrito! Tightropes for the tightrope walkers! A glass mug shaped like a boot from Kam’s!”

—Kyle Deininger, class of 2013, supply chain management (2/28/12)

DVD Showing U of I Today

“A DVD with edited video of things that are going on now with U of I. This includes video of someone just walking down the street and observing buses, restaurants, a sport game, renovations to buildings, lectures, etc. This would give a real feel of what it’s like to be a student at U of I in 2011. Hopefully they will have some access to a DVD player when the capsule is opened to see this video.”

—Meredith Taylor (2/25/12)

Show Lincoln Hall’s Renovation

“Time capsules always have some things that have no connection to the event. Change that. Put in a history of Lincoln Hall with pictures, especially of the renovations. Too bad you can’t bury Unofficial.”

—Rebecca Patterson (2/25/12)

Chief Mug

“Coffee mug with Chief logo.”

—Douglas Gift, JD ’75, law (2/21/12)


“PLATO V terminal—something we should be proud of.”

—Dr. Adit Laixuthai, MSc ’87, policy economics (2/21/12)

Mia Za’s Cup

“A cup from Mia Za’s. The restaurant just recently reopened from a tragic fire, and the Italian food has become a staple on Green Street over the years!”

—Tess, class of 2013, communication (2/21/12)

Illini Inventions

“A transistor (invented by Nobel Prize winner and faculty memeber John Bardeen) and a microchip (invented in part by Nobel Prize winner and U of I graduate Jack Kilby). We could also throw in a hand-held calculator also invented by Mr. Kilby.”

—Scott Lerner, JD ’92, law (2/21/12)


“An Illini pennant.”

—Mitchell Krasney, class of 2014, accounting (2/21/12)

Piece of the Alma Mater and More

“School Spirit T-shirts, an iBook agenda, an i-card, a printed copy of the (email) Law School scandal investigation results, autographed football and basketball from the respective Fighting Illini, some school event flyer, a brick or piece of marble from a building currently in construction or about to be demolished, a smart phone equipped with popular pictures, music, and apps of the time, a copy of current MTD bus book, one of those hideous Longchamp Le Pliage tote bags that I see a lot of girls carrying around lately, those ugly toe shoe things I see the jocks wearing while working out at the ARC, an unsalvageable piece of the Alma Mater before it gets torn down to be repaired, Jimmy John’s/Chipotle wrapper, game tickets.”

—Nicole Gonzalez, class of 2013, advertising (2/21/12)


“Lincoln Hall is a place where numerous students had taken classes. Wouldn’t it be really cool if some of the textbooks that are currently being used is put into the time capsule? I don’t even know if books will still be in use by the time the capsule’s reopened, so it would be a really pleasant surprise!”

—Jason, class of 2012, computer science (2/21/12)

Items from Each Decade

“As the Lincoln Hall Project is a ‘Gift for the Ages,’ items to include in a time capsule should represent Illini through the ages. You could include things relevant to students through each decade. The ’80s would certainly warrant Walkmans, I-Books, DIs, the Preppy Handbook, Rose Bowl memorabilia, and a Farm Aid sweatshirt from the very first concert event which was held on our beloved campus!”

—Beth Henning, AB ’86, political science (2/21/12)

Dirt and Seeds

“Illinois is the prairie state. Wherever you go you see cornfields waving in the breeze growing in our rich soil. Enclose a cup of dirt and 4 corn seeds.”

—Clarence L. Miller, Jr., BS ’62, ACES (2/21/12)

Krannert Program

“A program from Krannert!”

—Daniel Judd, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Etc. Mug

“A mug from The Etc.”

—Valerie Mayer, via Facebook (2/21/12)


“An I-Book.”

—Steve Baker, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Chief Flag

“A flag with Chief logo.”

—Matthew Cox, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Butkus Football Jersey

“A Dick Butkus football jersey.”

—Gary Antonich, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Scantron Test

“A Scantron sheet! I wonder how we’ll take tests in the future....”

—Ricky Bellows, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Old Daily Illini

“An old issue of the DI, complete with personal ads and a Campus Scout column.”

—Beth Rose, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Chief Image

“A picture of the Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

—Susan Thomas Gregory, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Unofficial T-Shirt

“One green unofficial T-shirt.”

—Steve Doyle, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich Image

“Picture of Blago in prison uniform?”

—Tom Knuth, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Leap Year 2012 Newspaper

“Newspaper from February 29, 2012, or any day.”

—Ann Cole, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Henson’s Blazer

“Lou Henson’s orange blazer.”

—Brian Cook, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Papa Del’s Menu

“Papa Del’s menu.”

—George Sakas, via Facebook (2/21/12)


“Organic chem book.”

—Michelle Adams, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Patriot Act, Constitution, Bill of Rights

“How about the Patriot Act full version along with the so-called Constitution and the Bill of Rights, along with a drone war head, and maybe, just maybe, a nuclear weapon that’s just for a starter.”

—Robbin M. Papalucas, via Facebook (2/21/12)

Top Hat

“Top hat, an axe, and Charlie Sheen.”

—David Wilson, via Facebook (2/21/12)


“A Twinkie.”

—Karen A. Richards, via Facebook (2/21/12)


“I would put any classic board/card game (Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble, Uno, etc.) into the time capsule. There are (and will be) so many electronics that people forget to slow down and enjoy each other. Hopefully those in the future can appreciate a little quality time with each other sans electronics.”

—JonTia A. Pegues, AB ’09, political science (2/12/12)

Daily Routine Items

“Items that students/faculty use in their daily routine: i-card, coffee mug or paper cup, notebook, i>clicker, etc., or to any events around campus—the Illinois game stuff like beads, Illinois T-shirt, mini football, etc. The clothes that people normally wear today: daily wear, sportswear, the graduation robe, etc. iPad with pictures of U of I and the people in it. Maybe video people giving speeches, how the University looks like, how the Alma Mater looks right now, the streets, which may change in the future, the shops, the academic building. Make sure you put the charger in it too.”

—Aidil, BS ’11, finance (2/9/12)


“A radio! We are the last generation that grew up with radios in our homes or listened to the radios in the kitchen when Mom prepared dinner for the family. It would be great when someone in the future gets to turn the radio on and hear it cackling to life trying to find a signal!”

—Maria Jones, graduate student, environmental engineering (2/9/12)

Battery, Illinois License Plate, and More

“These items are now common, but may be gone in 50 years. The first two items are also fitting because it is Lincoln Hall Project. Lincoln penny; five-dollar bill; AA battery—runs most of our gadgets; plastic bottle of water; and an Illinois license plate.”

—Thomas Newman, research assistant professor, entomology (2/9/12)

Post-Renovation Photo, i-Card, and More

“An aerial shot of the Quad following the Lincoln Hall renovation, a smart phone, an i-card, a Homecoming poster, and game ticket.”

—Kelly Tess, BS ’03, media studies (2/8/12)


“The University’s motto is ‘Learning and Labor,’ so students could submit a scrapbook page depicting what ‘Learning and Labor’ means to them through their time here at the University. These can be compiled into a book filled with letters, photographs, quotes, and whatever other souvenirs that fit on their page.”

—Jessica Ossyra, BS ’11, animal science (2/8/12)

Dried Ear of Corn

“A dried ear of corn from the Morrow Plots.”

—Ben Wooley, class of 2015, materials science and engineering (2/7/12)

Collage of International Alumni

“A picture collage of U of I alumni with MS from Zamorano University at Honduras. Currently, the principal of Zamorano University is a U of I alum. There is an international group of people constantly coming to U of I for post-graduate programs, especially into the ACES college, including people from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, etc.”

—Dina Fernandez, MS ’11, food science and human nutrition (1/23/12)

Illio Yearbook

“The Illio yearbook! As editor-in-chief for the 2006-2007 book, I can’t think of a better time capsule piece. Hopefully the current staff has covered this story, recorded its progress, and commented on what it means for the U of I.”

—Lyndsey Groth, AB ’07, English (12/15/11)

Book of Greetings

“In keeping with the inscription on the Alma Mater statue, we could have a book of greetings from the ‘Children of the Past’ to the ‘Children of the Future.’ The book could be open to current students and alumni. My entry would be: Study hard, speak up in class, make good choices in all you do, but enjoy your time at this wonderful institution.”

—Walter W. Kurczewski, AB ’65, political science (12/7/11)

This List of Ideas

“A printout of this list of time capsule ideas—there is so much history recorded and remembered right here!”

—Laura Gallant, AB ’10, communication and German (11/12/11)

Photos of Trees

“Pictures of the trees nearby. They are beautiful and aren’t there forever.”

—anonymous (11/6/11)

Play Programs, Chief Photo

“A list of some of the great plays given on Lincoln Hall Theater’s stage. Peter Palmer went on to Broadway to create Li’l Abner. I went on to be an air force general in The Right Stuff. I’m sure others have gone on to fame. And mention of Pierrots, the men’s dramatic honors. Also a picture of Chief Illiniwek in full dress.”

—Milo Neil Illich, BS ’55, restaurant management (11/4/11)

Papal Indulgence

“The papal indulgence that was on display in the top-floor library in the 1960s, as a symbol of the eternal importance of forgiveness (even though indulgences were revenue generators at the time).”

—Rodger Wunderlich, BS ’72, journalism (11/3/11)

Concert Program

“A program from a Stan Getz concert.”

—Suellen Thompson Jagels, BS ’64, MS ’66, teaching of biological science (11/3/11)


“A penny—the first U.S. example of ‘microcurrency.’”

—Wes Harris, MS ’90, electrical engineering (11/3/11)

Items from Today and the Past

“An I-Book from this year, a DI from this year (even better, from the day of the capsule being put into the building). An arial photo of the campus as it is today. The first photo of campus (so that the future can see how far the campus has come). Athletic uniforms from each team. A signature/quote book signed by students and alumni (alumni could send in pages to be included). Pictures of U of I across the globe. A yearbook from the year of the dedication. A piece of the building from the old Lincoln Hall. Pictures of Lincoln Hall through the years. A plaque with the best quote of all: ‘To thy happy children of the future....’”

—Jenny L. Blum, BS ’02, community health (10/27/11)

Architect’s Letter

“William Carbys Zimmerman’s (architect) letter approving the design and budget.”

—David Garner, BS ’80, interior design; AM ’86, architecture (10/27/11)

Marriage Certificate

“Is it too selfish to say a copy of my marriage certificate? Twenty-two years ago I proposed to my wife on the stage of Lincoln Hall—and today is our 21st anniversary. What a fun coincidence that this question was posted [on Facebook] and asked today!”

—Scott Johnson, BS ’90, computer engineering (10/27/11)

Chief Outfit

“Chief Illiniwek outfit, along with a history of the greatest mascot in college sports!”

—Kim Kehe Schumpp, BS ’88, interior design (10/27/11)


“A tuition bill.”

—Maribeth Churak, BS ’95, biology (10/27/11)

Word and Dictionary

“A sheet of paper with ‘discrimination’ written on it. And a dictionary hoping future generations will need it to look up the definition and understand what that meant.”

—Andrea Bernabe, exchange student, translation (10/27/11)


“A huge scroll of paper on which there are colorful fingerprints of students, faculty, and alumni. (And sign on it!) It would be interesting to figure out how many people on that paper will be great person after years when the capsule is dug out.”

—Wei Chen, class of 2015, computer science (10/27/11)

Digital Time Capsule

“A DVD or iPod-like device with videos of lectures, audio of sounds from around the building, photographs, and selected student papers or projects. Essentially a digital time capsule of life in Lincoln Hall.”

—Mike Bohlmann, AB ’97, German (10/27/11)



—Lisa Wolsted (10/27/11)

Championship Souvenirs

“Submit ticket stubs and a photo of the Paint the Hall Orange game against Wake Forest during the 2004-2005 basketball season to commemorate the beginning of our championship run.”

—Stacey Hultgren, BS ’07, media studies (10/27/11)


“[Professor Fred] Gottheil’s econ books. He’ll probably still be teaching when it’s dug back up, though.”

—Austin Roepke, student (10/27/11)


“U.S. currency. It’ll be obsolete by the time anyone digs the capsule up.”

—Ron Moravek, student (10/27/11)


“The ashtrays. *Hack* Even in ’94 I couldn’t believe they still allowed smoking inside. Don’t get me wrong, back in the day I was glad they did, but still.”

—Annie Rowland, AB ’98, speech communication (10/27/11)


“Hummm...hard to capture a smell in a bottle! Lincoln Hall had a unique, pungent odor every time I went there to class. Aside from that, how about a collection of every logo the school has had (yes, including the Chief head from sweatshirts, etc.)?”

—Jane Neumiller-Bustad, BS ’84, human resources and family studies (10/27/11)

Bowl Game Newspaper

“Newspaper of when we went to a Bowl game.”

—Maribeth Holhubner (10/27/11)

Stamped Letter to the President

“A letter bearing a USPS ‘forever’ stamp addressed to the president of the University of Illinois at the Henry Administration Building. The students who open the capsule will have the opportunity to see how written communications were conveyed in 2011, and may still be able to drop the letter in a blue collection box.”

—Jason E. Crowe, AB ’93, political science and history (10/13/11)

Photos of the Quad

“One picture of the Quad from each year that the University was established. It could be the same angle/photograph so future students could see the progress and history the University has.”

—Brooke Hurst, BS ’09, political science and communication (10/13/11)

Stuffed Squirrel

“A stuffed squirrel. So many memories of squirrels invading the hallways, classrooms, and offices.”

—Terry L. Davis, staff (10/13/11)


“A mug from Willies!!”

—Tom Haig, BS ’85, psychology (10/13/11)