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Lincoln Hall Project


Few buildings have served the University of Illinois as long and with as many purposes as the ever-evolving Lincoln Hall. Opened in 1911, and expanded in 1929, the four-story building on the southwest corner of the Quad has held theater productions, history museums, libraries, and offices for faculty and staff. Virtually every student who attends the University takes at least one class in the building.

Read our ongoing series that examines the evolution of higher education at the University of Illinois during the 100 years since Lincoln Hall opened.

Across the Decades

  • The Many Faces of Lincoln Hall
    The history, features, and people behind one of the University’s most symbolic buildings.
  • Students at Education’s New Dawn
    A look back at the sweeping changes taking place on campus when Lincoln Hall was constructed.
  • Surviving the Crash
    How cutbacks, resilience, and sticking to principles helped the University of Illinois weather the Great Depression.
  • War and the New Era
    With the advent of WWII turning U of I into a virtual military base, and veterans seeking higher education after the war, it was clear that campus would never be the same.
  • The Evolving Quad
    The evolution of the Quad is part luck, part foresight, and all Illinois.
  • Lincoln Hall Theater Review
    Since its opening act in 1930, Lincoln Hall Theater has been the site of everything from student theater to nail-biting final exams. Here is a look back at what it will always be in the memories of countless U of I alumni.
  • Illinois at the Crossroads
    The 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s were a golden age for the University of Illinois, with booming enrollment and giant building projects. It came, however, with contentious new attitutdes toward American society and authority.
  • Coming of Age
    If a single image defined the University of Illinois’ coming of age in the modern era, it might not be a shovel or construction hat but the soft glow of a computer screen.

Photo Essays

  • Hitting the Gas to Class
    Cars, motorcycles, and other motorized transportation have a long, colorful, and sometimes contentious history on campus.
Campus history collage