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Lincoln Hall Project


Remembering Lincoln HallBeing a Lincoln Scholar
Max Colon shares his thoughts on his first year in the University of Illinois College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and what being a part of the inaugural class of the Lincoln Scholars program has meant to him.

Remembering Lincoln HallRemembering Lincoln Hall
View the Storyography video that debuted at the Lincoln Hall Open House in the Lincoln Hall Theater. University of Illinois alumni reflect and describe the significance of Lincoln Hall.

Campus in the '40sLove and Commencement in the 1940s
One of the last things Robert Kallal (BS ’43, MS ’46, chemical engineering) passed on to his nephew was a silent movie shot on the University of Illinois campus in the 1940s.

courtyardThis Old Hall: Bringing the Courtyards to Life
See how a once-forgotten feature of Lincoln Hall has transformed into a beautiful, plant-filled space.

time capsuleLincoln Hall Time Capsule: What Would You Submit?
A time capsule is going inside Lincoln Hall. Hear some ideas from students and then tell us what you think should go inside! Submit ideas online.

ornamentationThis Old Hall: Ornamentation in Lincoln Hall Theater
Watch as artisans restore the beautiful plaster and composition ornamentation in Lincoln Hall Theater.

copper corniceThis Old Hall: Copper Cornice
See how an exterior architectural feature on Lincoln Hall gets preserved.

Pauline's purseThis Old Hall: Pauline’s Purse (The Mystery/Love Story Episode)
In this special episode of This Old Hall, we meet Pauline, a student from 80 years ago whose life unfolds from clues found in her purse, discovered in Lincoln Hall in 2010, during its demolition.

summer progressThis Old Hall: Summer of Change
Catch up on all the progress made in Lincoln Hall this summer.

Lincoln bustThis Old Hall: Looking Good, Mr. Lincoln! The Lincoln Bust Gets Restored
We visit our old friend, the Lincoln bust, temporarily on display at Spurlock Museum.

Open-Heart SurgeryThis Old Hall: Open-Heart Surgery
We venture down into Lincoln Hall’s basement where it is undergoing open-heart surgery.

A Clean SlateThis Old Hall: A Clean Slate
Watch as roofers add a new slate roof to Lincoln Hall. There’s a craft to the work, as you will see.

CycloramaThis Old Hall: The Cyclorama
We say goodbye to a unique feature of the Lincoln Hall Theater: the cyclorama. A rarity even in its heyday, the massive steel and plaster structure no longer serves the needs of stage productions nor lectures.

DemolitionThis Old Hall: Demolition, Demolition, Demolition
In the inaugural episode of This Old Hall, see the progress made over the summer in renovating Lincoln Hall. Crews have gutted most of the upper floors and removed or protected historical features prior to their restoration. Work has begun on the exterior.

Green RidersGreen Riders Make Pit Stop at Lincoln Hall
The Green Riders arrived on electric bicycles on June 9, 2010, at Lincoln Hall to highlight the building’s renovation as an act of environmental sustainability.

Ode to Lincoln HallWhen Will We See You Again?
With construction fences going up around Lincoln Hall later this month, old Abe Lincoln decided it was time to make his farewell visit. Who knew he could dance?

Move OutMoving Out of Lincoln Hall
It took all summer to move everyone out, but Lincoln Hall is empty for the first time in nearly a century.

This Old Hall videos are also broadcast on UI-7, the University of Illinois public access, educational cable television channel.