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Lincoln Hall Project

The Many Faces of Lincoln Hall

Constant Evolution

In the beginning Lincoln Hall housed the Departments of Classics, Economics, Education, English, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, and Psychology. Growth necessitated that many of them move out over the years—for example, psychology moved to its own building in 1969, and the Illinois Historical Survey moved to the main library in 1966.

Old photo showing horse-drawn cars in front of Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall also converted from a center for graduate studies to undergraduate studies. During the 1929 addition departmental libraries and seminar rooms were moved to the then-new main library.

Through the changes, however, Lincoln Hall has maintained its strong identity with the liberal arts and sciences. Upon completion it’s expected to once again become one of the busiest sites on campus.

A black and white photo of Lincoln Hall

A black and white photo of Lincoln Hall

Modern photo of Lincoln Hall